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Entry #2

I dunno

2018-02-21 11:55:57 by OriginalTultraP

What do i maek. OH NOOOOOOOOOO

I've run out of ideas.

Can you coment sugestons for new song? Ples


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2018-02-21 13:08:52

Put music to something that happened in your life, give it a soundtrack, all the highs, lows, switches, mood changes. Our very heart beats create a song during the day, try n copy it.

OriginalTultraP responds:

My life isnt very interesting lol


2018-02-23 10:49:34

They say everyone's got the spotlight for 15 minutes once in their life. How about watching an action movie with the sound off? Movies are scripted to have high and low points for the main character, like +-+-++-+--+---+-+++ idk man

OriginalTultraP responds:

im broke so i cant buy no movis lol